The risk of  LPG  leakage either in residence or industry is at heavy risk. LPG leakage and its detection is something a heavy task to sort out in the industry or in the commercial spaces. The proper smell detection at the best time is the best way to detect gas leakage at the right time. GSM alarm system with messages is the best way to eliminate a risky situation. The proper leakage information in the initial phase only saves the situation. The information on proper time escapes from the crisis and risks occurred on time.

The proper information about a gas leakage in the commercial industry helps to detect the risks in a gas plant or in a gas pipeline system. The risk of LPG leakage cannot be controlled at a moment. Whenever a leakage occurs in the pipeline the breathing as well as the chances of inflammation at high risk. The gas leakage and its effects are high in the residential area are at high risk.

The major areas we use gas leakage sensors are:

Car parks

In underground car parks, the co2 and nitrogen measurement is of great importance. The amount in their gases are constantly measured and gas leakage sensors are installed to evaluate whether their occurs any kind of increase in the underground parking. The gas leakage can be considered as the amount of increase in the gas level than the normal level.


The major laboratories are the real research centers in which the researches of primary to the product stage occurs. In laboratories when occurs any kind of gas level increases and co2 decrease it may even cause the death of the researchers or the employees and it further causes for more damages.


The refineries require large security since it has a huge amount of employees and large machinery for the day to day activities. Whenever a blast or any other miss happenings occur in the compound a large number of expenses or loss occurs. A large number of industrial goods, raw materials, the machinery, etc are the assets for a refinery whenever the failure or damage occurs in the refines the whole plant may go to shut down.

Boiler plant rooms

Boiler plant rooms also require high security whenever they are in workings. A large amount of boiling in the plant can occur the combination of gases and these gas may lead even to death. The influence of either combination of gases may cause the generation of yet another gas and the influence may cause a reduction in the oxygen content and thus creates a lack of oxygen content in the plant.

Refrigeration plants

The refrigeration plants also require proper gas detection methods. The gases such as PFCs, halogenated PFCs, CFCs, NH3, CO2, and C3H8 are necessary to be monitored. The increase in those gas content may be led to even death of the workers in the plant.

Hazardous material store rooms and manufacturing industries

The hazardous material storerooms and manufacturing industries require gas detection sensors to identify the gas leakage and other hazardous elements. It can be used in CNG plants and LPG storerooms.

Cold room, Sewage treatment, Swimming pools, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Water treatment, Animal husbandry, Automotive industry, Nitrogen tanks, Beverage dispenser, etc. Moreover, industries wherever a content of the gas is used in any stages of production/manufacturing, storage or in the packing process.